I started to use Autoworld in about 1998 when I had my Sirocco. This car had a problem with the manual fuel injection and kept cutting out so I went to Autoworld who were over the road from me. They fixed it and off I went! I kept this car for about two years with the servicing and maintenance being carried out by Graham and Glen. Once day I went over there and Graham’s father showed me a 190E Blue Mercedes. Of course I fell in love with the car and ever since used Autoworld for all my cars. We had an upgrade of the blue Mercedes to a newer white Mercedes 190E Auto which was in beautiful condition and had a wonderful wooden steering wheel (which I still have) where we kept her for about 10 years! Every service and every problem dealt with at Autoworld.  My husband too had a Morris Minor Pickup which was quite dilapidated so this too when into Graham’s Autoworld now on Stanningley road for several extensive restorations.  Now “Fred” is almost perfect but hey he’s old from 1969! We also have him painted in Autoworld 2003 livery and show him throughout the show season from Easter to the end of September where he’s admired wherever he goes.  We then bought another Morris Minor which was a present from working for 30 years and this too had restoration work carried out by Autoworld. They were slowly coming round to Morris Minors and our quirky car collection. Then later we had another Mercedes this time a more modern one but still not like the old 190E’s I favoured so much. She did get us to Switzerland then almost a month later Graham came up with a Granada Estate GLX which had been in a garage for 12 years and yes you guessed right the Merc went and the Granada came home with us! So my husband needed another car because he couldn’t use The Pickup for general day to day anymore as we wanted to keep him in show condition so we got a van also through Autoworld. Then graham sold our other Morris Minor Traveller through his garage and we bought a Land Rover instead and traded the van in too so we now have two Morris Minors a Land Rover and a Granada Estate GLX all kept in tip top condition through Autoworld and graham and Glen and the gang. Autoworld are not just a garage they are family and I would recommended  them as such to all our friends and family as they do a great job and always get the cars back on the road with excellent value for money!

Well done AUTOWORLD 2003 – Graham, Tracey, Bobby, Glen, Ryan, Andy & Carl!
Jacquie and David Jarvis-Bryant

I first phoned Graham for a few very small parts and he was delivered the parts very quickly.  One day I was working on my car which was stuck in parents drive way and the abs pump went.  I searched around everywhere and could not believe the prices, I was talking hundreds as a minimum and after calling Mitsubishi started to panic about what to do.  I called a few people who were breaking GTO’s and was struggling to get anywhere with them until I thought of calling Graham.  Best thing I did because for a very little amount I had the ABS pump in very good condition delivered the next day.  I then had very happy parents who got their driveway back 🙂

Graham is now helping me out with some more serious car problems with the car and I cant fault him at all.

:) Many thanks Neil.