AUTOWORLD 2003 is a family run business since 1989, I have been married for 27 years to Tracy. My dad is a retired police man after 30 years of service. I have a daughter who is 30 and married, she is a fully qualified nurse and owns a bar in Pudsey (I am very very proud of her). My son is called Bobby and has cerebral palsy and he is in a wheel chair, he helps out dealing with customers at the garage all day and has an amazing personalty. He loves fast cars also owns 8 of my 17 GTO’s currently in stock selling.

I went to college at 16 for two years and I hold NVQs at levels 1,2 & 3 in car mechanics MOT tested for 9 years. I have been a mechanic with my dad in his garage since the age of nine years old, I am now 52 years old (43 years mechanic experience).

I first purchased a large garage in 1998, this was in Rodley, Leeds, there was 14 garages together and there was a car sales pitch which held 40 cars. There was a flat which was the size of four semi detached houses, we called this AUTOWORLD but this ended up being much two large it was bought and paid for within five years. This was then sold in 2003 and we opened a smaller sized garage, which we named AUTOWORLD 2003, which is are still based in Bramley, Leeds.






I have always had a garage offering mots and a repair business, and I have always had cars sales as well. Back in 2003 we started to buy Japanese imports which were like brand new with low miles although they were 10 year old cars. We sold every thing from Bongos to Skyline GTR’s.

I always had an eye for Mitsubishi GTO’s, the first time I ever saw one was when a friend of mine (Manny Howard) it was red just looked like a Ferrari but better. I then bought one for the wife in 2003 from liverpool auctions straight from Japan it was a beautiful red none turbo auto. This car was perfect condition apart from the drivers top door trim and a side light. So I ordered them from direct from Mitsubishi (never asked price) and the bill was £215.00 including vat. That seemed very expensive.

Later that year I saw my friends car Manny Howards red GTO  for sale on Autotrader, which was at a dodgy car dealer Bradford. The car was sold trade sale and no warranty and was very cheap. So I drove it round seemed OK but then drove home from Bradford and had no drive. It was Autogear box U/S and got quoted £2000 for the repair. I got a second hand one, so broke it and sold on Ebay. So this happened due to that dodgy car dealer and I have been managing GTOs/3000gt’s parts ever since.

We also have a little side line of building off road 4×4 vehicles and you can see some videos on my facebook of these. I take my disabled son out on a Sunday to Park Wood off road center in Leeds and he loves it !!!

We have had people from all over the country come to us to repair their GTO’s including Oxford, Kent, Essex and Aberdeen. I have two mechanics, one of them is called Glynn who has been with me since he was 16 years old, he is now 38 so he has for me for 22 years. Glynn can change a GTO twin turbo gearbox, paint it in silver and be finished in 5 hours, I also love him like my son !!! His son Ryan (very brainy) has worked for me part time for 5 years and love him also very much, we are one big happy family. Last but not least is Andy, he knows GTO’s inside out and every part back to front. He can strip a GTO in one day !!! He has worked for me for 7 years part time.

Adam a pal of mine that also has a GTO, he is one of the most intelligent and nicest man I have ever met works on Jet 2 Aircraft (not only works on them but over sees ever job on jet planes and also fly’s them). He cannot believe how good we are at GTO repairs.

Recently I have managed to become a gold power seller with over 2727 positive feedback. I have an banner advert on GTO UK and have had wonderful feed back from many GTO club members. Proud to call myself, mister GTO himself. Today we have 20 GTO’s

cheers Graham…